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5 Fun Reasons You Should Visit Tibbetts Point Lighthouse.

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

This story is going to fall into a category of “stuff I found while I was looking for other stuff”. Tibbetts Point Lighthouse is simply beautiful. I know, those of you who read my blog know that I have never found a lighthouse I didn’t like. But seriously this one is beautiful and we found it while we were going for dinner in Cape Vincent, NY.

Earlier in the day we had met a photographer in Fineview which is a tiny little town on Wellesley island on the St. Lawrence River. It was John’s birthday and I was shopping. I bopped into this quaint little shop in Fineview and the photographer introduced himself as Andy Kane. I said, “Excuse me, what did you say your name was?” Never thinking I would find someone else named Kane that far from home. He smiled and held his hand out and said ”Andy Kane!” Of course I smiled back and took his hand and said, “Well you’re not going to believe this, but my last name is Kane also.” “Really?” He exclaimed. Needless to say we chatted for so long that John came looking for me. At the end of the conversation, I told him that it was John’s birthday and since we weren’t from the area, could he recommend a nice restaurant. He recommended this lovely Italian Restaurant called Telly’s in Cape Vincent.

After a delicious dinner, complete with our own private piano player named Richard, we decided to explore our surroundings and that’s how we found Tibbetts Point Lighthouse. As we pulled into the parking area of this historical lake light, the sun was hanging low on the horizon and it was washing everything with a wonderful golden hue; Perfect for pictures!

So since I promised you 5 fun reasons you should visit Tibbetts Point Lighthouse, I won’t make you wait any longer.

#5 Fun Reason: The Lighthouse grounds are open year-round. It was great because the kids leaped from the car and were able to run around in a protected area. You can walk into the light (not up the steps) but inside the door and take a look around. It’s really cool!

#4 Fun Reason: Tibbetts Point Lighthouse is still a navigational aid for the big ships moving between the Atlantic Ocean and Lake Ontario. Visitors to the lighthouse can enjoy using the provided telescopes on the viewing deck to watch the ships glide past.

#3 Fun Reason: Tibbetts Point Lighthouse is owned by the town of Cape Vincent, NY Since 1991. There is a visitors center, a gift shop and the lighthouse property can be rented for weddings and other large events. You can also bring your picnic lunch and enjoy the sights.

#2 Fun Reason: This is probably my selfish fun reason - sorry. This place is beautiful and such a great place for taking pictures. The lighthouse is very photogenic as is the river, the ships and even the windmills on the Canadian shore. Yep, you can see Canada from Tibbetts Point.

The #1 Fun Reason you should visit Tibbetts Point Lighthouse is that this is the spot where Lake Ontario flows into the St. Lawrence River. How cool is that? That should make all you lighthouse aficionados out there giggle with delight. That really makes this lighthouse one of the coolest I’ve ever visited

We really enjoyed our side trip to Tibbetts Point. If you find yourself in Cape Vincent, New York make sure you follow the lighthouse signs and spend a few minutes enjoying the beauty of this place.

Check out our You Tube video on Tibbetts Point Lighthouse and be sure to check out the links to find more about this lovely lighthouse and all the people we met along the way. Here is my selfish plug. We need 500 unique visitors to our sites both on You Tube and this blog, please subscribe, like and share so you, and possibly people you don’t even know, can enjoy vicarious travel from time to time. You might even find a place you’ll want to visit.

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The websites of the fine folks we met along the way are: Andy Kane -, Telly’s Inn - and of course Tibbetts Point Lighthouse -

Enjoy your travels and be safe!

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