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Change of Vacation Plans

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

We’ve had our 2020 summer vacation planned since last December. Reservations were made and paid for, savings were allocated and we had the list of things that needed packed all ready to go. Then a little over two weeks ago our plans were changed for us.

You see, we were planning to go to Tybee Island, Georgia.

We were planning to meet some friends there who had just purchased their first camper. They were looking forward to asking questions and we were looking forward to sering them and helping them with become campers.

Unfortunately, Covid 19 has taken control of the nation and our lives. At the time of this writing, Georgia had become one of the states that we folks from Pennsylvania would have to quarantine for two weeks if we went there. So, we changed our plans and frankly we were disappointed but we are campers and we can adapt.

We looked at the COVID tracker map and tried to figure out where the spread had slowed or stopped. We had some criteria for our choice. 1. The location had to have the same or less the number of positive COVID cases than our home. 2. People in the area where we were planning to go needed to at least post on their website that they were taking precautions to social distance and/or wear masks. 3. As mentioned, we wanted to go someplace where the spread had slowed or stopped.

Here’s where we found to go. Alexandria Bay, NY home of the 1000 Islands. It’s not what we were planning, but it’s what we’re doing and our first impression is wonderful!

Believe it or not, this area of New York State has less COVID cases than our home area. They are practicing social distancing, everyone in the grocery store was wearing a mask and we feel safe. Of course we continue to take precautions and will adhere to the rules of the area. But a big shout out to New York State for doing what needed to be done and for giving us a place to go to salvage our vacation.

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