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It's Festival Season

I woke this morning to a crispness in the air to the point that I almost thought it would be time to put the shorts away - but Nah not yet! However, I could smell a wood burner from somewhere in the neighborhood and our valley was covered in fog. Those things combined with the black walnuts falling from the tree out front and the beginnings of falling leaves says to me it's festival season!

So many people love this time of the year with the pumpkin spiced this and the pumpkin spiced that. Generally I'm a summer girl, but it is nice to be able to get the hoodies out of the closet and cozy up under a warm fuzzy blanket while watching TV. But what is truly awesome about this time of the year are all the festivals that take place.

Last year, in the midst of the Covid 19 crisis, many of the small town festivals were cancelled, but this year, they have come back in full force. Just a few weeks ago I attended a large wine festival with friends and had such fun and then last week I went to an RV Show, okay, so not quite a festival, but it had the same kind of atmosphere.

Where I live you can find a festival for just about anything. In a neighboring town there is a Potato Festival. Yep, you'll find arts and crafts, wine and craft brews and of course lots and lots of food made from potatoes!

There are Harvestfests, Octoberfests (often held in September - I've never quite understood that), Fallfests, Music festivals, Antique Tractor Shows, Apple Festivals, Corn Mazes, Fall Flower Festivals, Outdoor Flea Markets, Arts and Crafts Fairs and Festivals and even an Autumn Goddess Retreat complete with holistic services, dance performances and intuitive readings. This short list proves that if you're looking for something to do in the Fall you can certainly find it regardless of your tastes.

Now you do have these folks who will spend every waking hour of the weekend glued to the TV watching the latest sporting contest while its beautiful outside. SIGH. I can't help them : )

But for the rest of us, get outside this fall and enjoy a festival near you. A website I found for Pennsylvania Festivals is they have many listed from all around the state. I'm sure there is a similar website for every state.

I'm looking forward to attending a number of the festivals I've outlined above. I really can't wait to take my grand babies on a hay ride and pick pumpkins. I'm sure we'll once again get lost in the corn maze, but that's all part of the fall fun.

So get out there and browse all the hard work the crafters have done over the pandemic, check out the craft brews and enjoy yourself!! Record the football game, it'll be there when the sun goes down! (Yes I know, I have just made every football fan faint) Try some warm apple cider or a pumpkin spiced something or other. Be happy in the outdoors because before you know it, the snow will be flying.

Thanks for reading.

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Thanks and have a great time!!!

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