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Outside At Last

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Lawn chairs on the patio over looking the beauty of the backyard garden with pine trees and flowers - lots of green.
Morning Sunshine

It’s been warm for a few weeks and so nice outside that I haven’t had an extra minute to write because I’ve been getting the plants in the garden and mowing the grass like 16 times a week - not really, but it seems that way.

John and I also re-did the front porch and put in a new flower area and front sidewalk. Seriously, I’m exhausted, but this morning, since Penny (my dog) got me up at 05:30, I figured I’d just stay up and after cleaning a few spots inside, I thought I’d spend some time in my backyard garden and enjoy the fruits of my labors over the last few weeks.

As I sit here listening to the mourning doves coo and the sparrows chirp I’m reminded of how much I love early mornings. Just me and the birds, my big old dog lying at my feet and a warm cup of coffee as my only companions.

Orange Flowers
Tuberous Begonia - Orange

My backyard is one of my all-time favorite travel destinations. The birds feeders and the hummingbird feeders all ready for visitors. The bunnies that live under the boardwalk and the four, count em four baby squirrels who live in the front tree and use my backyard as a playground all sharing the area I call home.

The roses have begun to bloom and the perennial Hibiscus that I believed I surly killed is showing an inch or two of life. It makes my heart happy to sit here and be this close to nature and the serenity of the morning.

White roses and a white angel in a memory garden
White Roses in Bloom

This not to say that I don’t want to go anywhere this summer. We attended the MayFest Wine Festival yesterday in Clearfield and I heard a Johnny Cash song - I’ve been Everywhere Man - I’ve been everywhere. First - I love the song - second I was thinking I’ve been a lot of place - but certainly not everywhere - but I want to go!

So as you read this post, think of all the places you’d love to go to this summer or some time in the future and to quote a line from my favorite movie - no matter how far you travel, you probably didn’t need look any further than your own backyard...because there’s no place like home. But it‘s still nice to get out there and look around Isn’t it?

I suppose it’s just good to be happy no matter where you roam!

Enjoy your day! Please give us a like on facebook and Instagram and subscribe to the page. We do have some new things coming this summer - stay tuned for that.


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