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PA REN Faire

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

It’s finally fall. That brings to mind wonderful thoughts of fall colors, pumpkins, costumes and of course candy. For me, fall always takes me away to some of the most fun I have all year. Yes, nearly every fall, my family and I (and a number of friends) gather our favorite costumes and make the trip to the #PARenaissanceFaire, located in Mt. Hope, Pennsylvania.

Spending a day at the shire is always a magical experience. There are themed weekends beginning on Labor Day and leading up through Halloween. Pick your favorite weekend. For instance, brush up on your best Captain Jack Sparrow impersonation and visit on Pirate weekend. Or dig out your kilt and pipes and bring your Scottish ancestors to life on Celtic Weekend and who could forget Oktoberfest. All amazing themes indeed, however my family and I are fond of visiting the Shirefolk on Time Travelers Weekend.

Since all Time Travelers are welcome, there is no telling who you might run into. All types of travelers will be seen at the shire on this themed weekend from a Doctor to Trekkers, wizards and magicians. You just never know who might pop out of a time portal.

The REN Faire is located at the Mount Hope Winery and grounds. There are fairies, knights and vendors who sell any number of mythical memories. Around every corner you could find The Queen and her court greeting her royal subjects. There will be beggars and thieves making merry, magic acts, musical acts and many other daily shows that immerse you in the days and knights of merry olde England.

Of course you will encounter princesses and unicorns as well as jugglers, minstrels and a falconer. There is so much to do and see all day that before you know it, the time will come that you’ll realize it’s time to eat. Not to worry, because there are so many choices you won’t know where to start. One of my personal favs is the soup in a bread bowl. Of course the boys always go for the gigantic turkey legs. Oh and did I mention that there is a pirate ship made into a bar? of course they have soft drinks if you aren’t into bar stuff, but if you are they have some amazing IPA’s and since the the REN Faire is located at the Mount Hope Winery, you’ll find some really good wine too!

Once you‘ve seen the shire and eaten till you can’t move, you’ll need to make your way to the Faire grounds where you will enjoy the final joust of the day. Knights will fight for the Queens honor and chivalry will be challenged. At the end of the day one will be victorious and visitors will be treated to a wonderful fireworks display.

You don’t need to wear a costume to enjoy the fun of the Faire, but it’s so much fun if you do. My son was once confused for being a part of the cast during a pirate weekend and had his picture taken with many girls, this made him very happy at the time. My younger son then a few years later dressed as Doctor Who, he too was captured on film by many Whovians. It’s fun to become someone else for a day!

The PA REN Faire is the most fun you’ll have at a fall festival. There will be a lot of walking, a lot of eating and drinking and a lot of laughter. You can buy your tickets online and have them loaded on your phone as proof of admission. Kids 4 and under get in for free.

When you go to the PA REN Faire make sure you tell them The Fun Chasers sent you.

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