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The Thousand Islands Winery

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Thousand Islands Winery Sign

On a recent trip to the #ThousandIslandsRegion, which includes the towns of #AlexandriaBay and #Clayton we discovered the #ThousandIslandsWinery. I know you’re shocked, I sniffed out a winery while I was on vacation. Well I have a valid reason, honest! It was overcast and on and off rain all day. The grandkids and their mom were tired so they were napping at the camper and we were bored. See I told you it was valid.

On this trip to the Thousand Islands (you may recall we went there last year on a hunch) we spent more time exploring and since it was a rainy day, the gang and I went on a road trip and discovered this amazing winery that literally sits in the shadow of the I-81 bridge that takes you to Canada.

When we walked into this fine establishment we were immediately greeted and asked if we’d like to sit for a bit. With pending rain, we said sure! Beth and Rick and I bellied up to the bar and began a raucously good conversation with Brandy, the Assistant Manager. I laughed so hard, I could barely taste the nectar she was pouring. Of course, the more we drank the harder we laughed. At one point, we were trying to be serious about doing this blog and subsequent YouTube video with Brandy and she was photo bombed by a couple of her co-workers. Needless to say the wheels fell off!

After we were done laughing, Brandy gave us a lot of information about the cold hardy grapes they use to make their tasty wine. They have grapes that were created by the University of Minnesota designed specifically for colder climates, and wow did that pay off! The wine was as good as the fun we had at the #ThousandIslandsWinery.

I don’t know about you, but I go to wineries with my friends so I can laugh and have a good time. Believe me, we laughed! I hope you will have the same good time that we did! For more on the Thousand Islands Winery go to our YouTube Channel, #TheFunChasers and search #ThousandIslandsWinery where you’ll find the whole story.

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