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Travel During the New Normal

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

You know, this whole Corona Virus thing has been a real bummer for the travel industry, let alone the regular people like you and me that just like to get away. We can’t go to a baseball game, can’t watch the olympics on TV and we can’t go on vacation!

What?!?! No vacation??? But we have reservations! It’s my GOD Given Right to go on vacation.

Hold the bus Bucko - we can all live without VaKay - and who says you can’t go somewhere this summer? It’s just gonna be a little different. Believe me, we’re all trying to navigate this new normal. None of us want to catch this Virus. We NEED to keep our babies safe and we certainly don’t want to spread it to our older loved ones. So what do we do? Not go, or go with precautions?

Really it’s going to depend on where you you want to go. Traveling abroad is probably a no go this summer. Certain states are off limits, while others are wide open. Many theme parks and Cruises have ceased operations for the foreseeable future. This new normal will require us to get a bit more creative with our travel plans.

You might have to plan something a little closer to home. A suggestion would be to go to your local Visitor’s Bureau Website and check out all the things to do in your home area. Or go to your favorite map APP and see how far you can go within a two hour drive of home. Chances are, you’ll find all kinds of things to do that you’ve never thought of before.

Here’s my shameless plug for camping. I read the other day that RV rentals are up 650% this summer as folks who want to get away are doing it in a camper. Think about it, you can bring your own food, linens, towels and you can be socially distant at a campground. All camp sites are at least 25 feet apart no matter where you go. If you stay on your site, then you are automatically socially distant. It’s a perfect solution.

Many RV Parks are one stop shops. You don’t have to leave the place. The parks have huge pools, activities, and things to do for the kids nearly all day. If you want to go outside the park and explore you can do that - just make sure to take your mask. Use the campground as home base and enjoy.

One thing that I ran across the other day was a list of states that are making you self-quarantine for 14 days if you visit there. You really need to check the state’s website to determine if you need to self-quarantine or not. published a state by state quarantine article that is very helpful. But depending on when you read this post, things could have been updated. So please check the states where you’re planning to travel for any quarantine efforts.

Some new things to put on your travel packing list this summer should include a mask (or three), hand-sanitizer, and ways to social distance. You’ll also want to mentally keep track of the people you were with. That will be difficult if you’re circulating with a large group of strangers, so keep your gatherings small. If you’re venturing out to circulate with strangers please keep at least 6-feet between you and them, and WEAR A MASK!

Let‘s hope and pray that this terrible virus ends soon. Please stay safe and have a great summer

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