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Welcome to the Fun Chasers Travel Blog

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Now, with a title like that you might think that we travel non-stop, but honestly, we’re just like you, we like to go as much as possible, but we have day jobs, with limited vacation time and often limited funds. So, you might ask, what’s this blog about? Glad you asked! The Fun Chasers web page and subsequent YouTube Channel are about finding fun places to go, visiting those places and wishing and planning for the next trip.

We’re going to share with you the places we’ve been. We will bring you some videos and pictures and recommendations on where to stay and eat. I do have to warn you, we are camper enthusiasts and that is our preferred method of travel, but that’s not to say that we never take a train or an airplane to get to a destination. Often, we will go on what we call, little blue car trips.

These are usually only a couple hours from home but offer some really cool experiences. Another caveat, I enjoy a bargain and truly love to find stuff on a budget, so I seek out the free stuff to do.

A few weeks ago we took a little blue car trip to Somerset County, Pennsylvania and visited the highest point in PA - Mount Davis. My husband rolled his eyes until he got there and saw the most amazing scenery. Click on the video and check out the view from high atop Mount Davis.

Our plan is to help you find new and interesting places, and in return perhaps you’ll recommend us to a friend and also give us some new ideas of places to visit.

Check us out on YouTube and subscribe PLEEEAASSE... look up The Fun Chasers!

Welcome and lets go have some fun!

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