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About Pam & John Kane

We have been chasing FUN together ever since we first met in 1979. Fun destinations at the beginning of our journey included US east coast beaches, theme parks, and ROLLERCOASTERS!


We also enjoyed our share of concerts seeing many greats including Billy Joel, BB King and Meat Loaf, and we even met Meat Loaf personally! So cool. We both worked full-time jobs, so we became masters of the short trip; places we could get to, enjoy and return from all in the same day.


The Fun lifestyle may seem great if you have a lot of money to blow, but much of the time, well, we probably should have been practical and stayed home and saved our money. Nah!

Even when we were flat broke we found ways to have fun and spend virtually nothing. One year, in particular, we pretended we were tourists in our own County. We went to the local visitors’ bureaus and loaded up flyers for attractions that featured FREE ADMISSION.


We were married in May of 1982 and within a few years, we had our first son! Was that the end of travels? Nah! We discovered babies are very portable! About 5 years later our second son popped out and he was ready for fun right from the get-go!


With two kiddos and lots of pesky little bills to pay, those hotel vacations were getting shorter and shorter. The boys, who were now involved in Boy Scouts, said let's buy a tent and go camping! The fun never stopped. Our summers spilt over with everything from sandcastles, beaches, and campfires to go-carts and mini-golf. We did trade in our two-person pup tent for a 30-foot travel trailer, but the journey has never stopped.


In addition to traveling for fun, John has traveled extensively for work. He has visited Chile, Taiwan, Canada, Spain, but spent most of his time in South Korea and in Mainland China. John has logged more than 100,000 frequent flyer miles and knows his way around an airport. John has since retired from this company, but the lessons learned have made all of our travels an adventure.


Enough about the past. Let’s go Fun Chasing!




Pam & John Kane

The Fun Chasers

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